Our company gives a two-year warranty on placed by us and paid by a customer object of a sale contract beginning with the moment of placing of the object. The warranty consists in the fact that according to a sale contract a manufacture is obliged to repair the goods in case of defects detection during the warranty period and change a defect part by a new one on its own account if the repair is impossible. Defects clearly caused by defective materials or defects of production are subjected to elimination. Finding out the defects both parties compose two-sided statement with a list of revealed defects and indication of terms of their elimination. A number of an order, contact information of both parties, address of the contract object and description of a problem must be specified in the document. The provision of a sale contract and its applications, accounts and checks is necessary. In case of replacement of a product part during the period of its warranty its force spreads till the end of primarily established period. If case of necessity independent examination takes place.