A kitchen is almost the most important place in a house, its soul. We ourselves, its users are also reflected in arrangement and kitchen design as in a mirror.

We spend most of our time in kitchen. Therefore it is possible to say that kitchen design is a way of life of its inhabitants. Here people cook, eat, communicate … Planning a kitchen it is necessary to consider structure of a family, habits, traditions of food, taste preferences, etc. If we think about kitchen furniture fashion it is possible to tell with confidence: what is convenient that is fashionably and the basic requirement of modern kitchen fashion is comfort!

After all it is very comfortable and quiet when furniture, facades, internal boxes, mechanisms and fastenings do not lose their durability, reliability and initial look in the course of time. We like when a kitchen is multipurpose but thus silent, its lay-out is convenient, working zones are ergonomic and the stylish external design is pleasant for looks.

We are sure that with competent creative approach using high technologies it is possible to generate a functional and aesthetic composition in rooms of any sizes and create unique, stylish interior of your kitchen. Entrust us to make your life more comfortable, more beautiful and easier!

Style solution for kitchen

The choice of kitchen sets is rather wide and there is always a possibility to develop kitchen in that style which completely would correspond to tastes and preferences of owners of the house and embody their ideas about a harmonious combination of beauty and comfort. Designers of Forward Mööbel salon will help you with pleasure to understand subtleties of styles and will advise a good for you optimum decision. The following peculiarities of the most popular styles of kitchens are presented to your attention:

  1. Kitchens “classic”
  2. Kitchens “modernist style”
  3. Kitchens “hi-tech”