Kitchens «Classics»

A traditional classical kitchen of modern design is carved paneled facades, a table-top made of stone or composite wood massif (natural or their imitation), glazed wide opened doors with stained-glass windows or cross covers, eaves, balustrades and decorative columns. The classical kitchen furniture is usually also completed with corresponding built in appliances -imitating olden time.

Forward Mööbel offers a wide choice of facades models in classical style of wood massif as well as colored MDF-PLATES. For massif facades manufacturing we use wood of oak, beech, birch and ash-tree to which we can give various colors and shades. Come to our salon to familiarize with a palette. Decoration by gilding, silver or patina is applied on wooden and MDF-FACADES. The classics can be bright and magnificent: with carved decorative elements, eaves, pilasters, balustrade and figured handles with gilding. More reserved expression of classical style with application of simple forms and pure lines is also possible. This style has harmony and calmness which are based on validity and durability.

Forward Mööbel kitchens in classical style are the sure variant which urgency does not depend on varying tendencies of furniture fashion. Such kitchen always looks solidly and expensively, thus it is cozy and comfortable in it.