Kitchens «Hi-tech»

The 21-st century is the time of unlimited possibilities, high technologies and realization of original ideas which give a chance to create ultramodern and unique design of an interior. Style “hi-tech” (high tech) is a modern trend that means «high technologies».

Forward Mööbel successfully applies this trend in kitchen interior, doing its atmosphere extraordinary stylish, convenient and practical, providing the highest level of comfort.

Modern “hi-tech” kitchens have technological external shape, carefully thought over design and high technical equipment. During furniture manufacturing in “hi-tech” style artificial and advanced materials are used: plastic, concrete, glass and metal. A kitchen in “Hi-tech” style is first of all functionality, ergonomics and minimalism and also strict geometry of forms, simplicity of decor and contrast colors. An interior of a “hi-tech” kitchen does not suppose a uniform superfluous element, and as decor they use a combination of textures. All objects have their functional purpose, there is nothing superfluous: everything is organized, ordered and on its place. The main thing in this style is ideal proportions of the form and content and harmonious restraint of conditions.

“Hi-tech” is the only style in design where the appliances are not only perfectly entered in setting but also appear to be its essential part. The modern appliances are just the brightest accent of a whole “hi-tech” kitchen providing its multifunctionality and setting style. These are induction and glass-ceramic cookers, kitchen machines and microwaves, dishwashing and coffee-machines, LCD-displays and panels of TV sets. All appliances should be picked up in uniform color and design and combined with a kitchen itself in order to become the harmonious complementary stylistic solution and to provide a faultless complete look.