Kitchens «Modernist styles»

“Modernist style” has become very popular today. Modern designers successfully connect such different materials, as metal, wood, leather, glass and plastic. “Modernist style” looks brightly, stylishly, practically and functionally.

Peculiarities of “modernist style” are laconism, refinement, simplicity and cleanliness of the lines; all ornaments have practical application, because the main thing for kitchen furniture in “modernist style” is a functional purpose of each element. For kitchen in “modernist style” Forward Mööbel makes smooth facades of plastic, acryl, veneer and colored MDF, convenient cases with drawers and technological systems of internal storage. A characteristic stroke in “modernist style” kitchen is the chrome plated furnish of the built in household furniture and production of a table-top and kitchen extractor fan of stainless steel. Smoothness and softness of “modernist style” are reached by means of bentwood radial facades, application of vegetative patterns and stained-glass windows.

Forward Mööbel offers modernist style to those who aspires to create atmosphere of ease and freedom in kitchen, using its beauty and grace, expressiveness, riot of colors and multifunctionality.