We co-operate with recognized all over the world manufacturers as such:

Concern Blum produces qualitative accessories and is considered to be the world leader of accessories manufacture for various sorts of furniture. The Blum accessories can be a separate stylish element in kitchen design because the design of its accessories is unique. Besides, Blum accessories allow making furniture for kitchen to be as much as possible convenient and durable in usage. There are furniture loops, elevating mechanisms, drawers for kitchen and other special Blum mechanisms in company assortment.

Furniture and joiner’s accessories Häfele correspond to European and world standards of quality, safety and ecology of products. The mechanisms made by Häfele provide simplicity of usage and high efficiency. Convenience and functionality of Häfele accessories are not subjected to doubts. We can guarantee quality, durability and reliability of accessories which we offer to our clients.

Brand Кesseböhmer is widely known in the world and is famous not only for making high-quality sliding systems and lifts but also is recognized by the legislator of fashion and the newest solutions in the field of sliding grids and fillings for kitchen manufacture.