Furniture facades

The image of kitchen is formed by facades which are its face, style. Choosing facades is the most difficult and responsible stage in the whole process of kitchen materials selection. Facades are most of all subjected to the influence of light, heat, mechanics and other kinds of influence. Operational qualities of furniture and final cost of a complete set depend on them in many respects.

From the constructive point of view facades are subdivided into two types: solid and framed. The first ones are made from one material. The second ones consist of a framework-profile and a panel and a combination of materials of which these two parts are made can be different. They often use massif, aluminum, MDF or veneer as a framework. Filling can be of any character: plastic, glass, revetted with veneer or colored MDF. We also offer facades with glass of various processing (matting, sandblast drawing, ribbon stained-glass window with a colored film, printed drawing).

Types of offered furniture facades:

Painted MDF facades
Painting of facades includes variety of forms and styles and an unlimited color palette! During manufacturing they use Italian polyurethane furniture paints SAYERLACK, MILESI SPA and Finnish TIKKURILA as a covering. Besides, it is possible to make of plates MDF not only direct facades but also milled, frame and bentwood (radial) ones.  read more


We also offer acryle facades. Hi-tech kitchens from acryle attract you not only with glossy glitter. This ecological material does not grow dim with the lapse of time, it is durable and practical in care. Its absolutely smooth surface reflecting light is easily polished and brought to the initial condition even when getting any scratches. Acrylic facades will please you with the brightness and glossy glitter for a long time. read more


A successful correlation of price and quality is purchasing of plastic kitchen. Plastic can be both matte and glossy and its color range is wide enough. Facades from plastic are characterized by bright modern color range and durability without loss of primary look, practicality and low cost. read more

Massive wood

Massive wooden Ecostyle is more and more claimed (a combination of natural, ecological materials) in an interior, and wood again gets special recognition here. The standard among kitchen sets categories is undoubtedly kitchens in classical style. While processing we try as much as possible to keep the natural texture of a tree. Kitchens made of a massif always look stylishly and expensively, create warm and home cosiness. Birch, beech, oak and ash are often chosen for kitchen facades. read more

It is cheaper but not less practical to order facades from particle board revetted with veneer, which outwardly look in the same way as that ones made of massif. Veneer is one of the most widespread materials in furniture manufacture today. Veneer is a thin cut of wood with which they veneer the basis (plates MDF or particle board) and then cover it with several varnish coats. Staining of veneer makes it possible to achieve interesting and unusual visual effects. The surface of veneered facades can be silky-matte and high-glossy. Veneer allows to create beautiful and qualitative furniture with a unique natural surface. With appropriate care the furniture made of veneer serves for many years and makes home and office atmosphere to be original, stylish, modern and safe for health. read more

Curved facades
We make of MDF plates not only straight but also curved (radial) facades. Curved MDF-facades are coated with paint and varnished or finished with veneer or plastic. read more

Art facades

Art facades are considered to be a new direction in manufacture of MDF furniture facades! We put any drawing or pattern you like on our MDF furniture facades or on white laminated flooring board. By means of art facades it is possible to impart unique and inimitable character to your interior. read more