Art Facades

The zest of our furniture is drawing of any images on furniture facades. This rather recently appeared direction in design of furniture becomes more and more popular. Facades with drawing have received the name of art facades. You can choose the drawings from our catalogues or give your own pictures or photos. Our designer-adviser will help you to select the most suitable images for achievement of the best results. Art facades are an exclusive style of your furniture, expression of your individuality!

Possible kinds of art facades:

During the stenciled painting furniture facades are painted in one color, a drawing by other color from above is put – it is a classical method of patterns and decorative elements drawing.

Any full-color image whether it is a photo or a graphic collage is drawn on furniture facades during photo-print. Thus the press is drawn on all area of a facade.

The print-painting is a combination of stenciled paintings (the print will cover only necessary sites of facades) and the photo-press (drawing of full-color images of any degree of complexity is possible), it can be a photo or a graphic collage.

The print-painting and photo-print is drawn on colored MDF facades, but also on sliding doors of wardrobes and on furniture cases. A drawing can be settled down on one furniture façade as well as on the whole surface of furniture. After press drawing the varnish is necessarily put: glossy or matte, what protects the image from damages and gives additional effect.