Plastic guarantees the absence of superfluous troubles for any kitchen:  increased wetness and temperature will not affect its solidity and outward look in any way. Kitchens from plastic find a unique design: laconic, verified and stylish.

Plastic facades answer the highest requirements of quality and durability. They are characterized by extraordinary firmness to attrition, scratching, crash-worthiness, possess light – ,hot -, moisture resistance and firmness to action of household chemicals. Therefore this material is the best for manufacture of kitchen furniture.

Facades are produced on the basis of high-quality particle board 16 mm, with unilateral (obverse – decorative plastic, reverse – white plastic) and bilateral (obverse and reverse sides – decorative plastic) covering. Two kinds of facades edges decoration work, the first framed with 2мм ABS edging as much as possible approached to a face sheet and second 3D Acryle edges, allow broadening of design approach to creation of ideal kitchen.

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