Veneer Facades

Veneer is one of the most widespread materials in furniture manufacture today. It makes an impression that furniture is completely made of wooden massif but though it costs much more cheaply. Veneer is subdivided on natural varnished, stained and an alpi- veneer.

The natural varnished veneer is the thin sheets of wood having natural color and structure.

Stained veneer is painted and languished wood, the spectrum of colors is rather wide.

The Alpi-veneer is reconstructed from shelled veneer of soft breeds of wood by its formation in blocks from which veneer of various colors, drawings and sizes is received.

Facades covered with veneer can be framed with a direct panel, smooth, straight and bentwood (radial)

The surface of facades can be silky-matte (with strongly expressive wood pores) and highly glossy (with full pore-filling with varnish).

Advantages veneer facades:

The veneer allows creating beautiful and qualitative furniture with unique natural surface. Appropriate care of the veneer furniture results in long service. It makes home and office atmosphere original, stylish, modern and safe for health.

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