Working surfaces

Table-tops. Wall panels.

Forward Mööbel offers for your choice table-tops of artificial stone, plastic or tree massif.

For manufacture of table-tops the wide assortment of modern materials – plate particle board revetted with plastic with the high moisture resistance, wood, artificial stone surpassing natural one on many parameters is used. Table-tops of artificial stone are not subjected to corrosion and possess high firmness to mechanical damages. The artificial stone is durable and ecologically pure. Its surface is easily restored if necessary.

Realizing the kitchen project it is necessary to choose materials proceeding from their practicality, external aesthetic appeal and operational durability. In this case plastic table-tops as well as wall panels from this material are the most economic and practical variant. A plastic table-top is a plate with the water-proof impregnation covered with plastic. It is the most widespread material for kitchen table-tops manufacturing. It is reliable and simple in care, heat-resistant and steady to attrition, moisture and domestic chemistry.

Wooden table-tops are classics which will be always topical. A wooden table-top is several stuck together wooden modules which are perfectly polished and impregnated by biologically safe wax oil that makes them steady against moisture. With appropriate care such table-top will look excellent and serve eternally.

Wall panels from similar materials of corresponding color are possible for each type of table-tops. We use plastic of Egger firm (Germany) in which fine look, reliability and durability are extraordinarily combined and the large range of colors allows creating an individual interior for each kitchen. It is also possible to make walls panels of glass with application of its various processing (matting, printed drawing).